The Digital Imaging/Video and Motion Graphics track is an HONORS program of CHOICE within the MSDE Arts, Media, and Career Communication cluster.


In Level 1 Principles of Arts, Media and Communication students are engaged with academically rigorous and conceptually challenging projects. This class establishes the foundations and basis for design and production as students embark on their IMP journey.


The class combines digital imaging,  graphic design, video, special effects, photography, motion graphics, animation, sound, computer technology and more. 

Students are provided hands-on opportunities to use a variety of professional tools and equipment with the freedom to explore their own creative visions.

These tools are used throughout the multimedia industry to develop content for movies, television, design, advertising, marketing, gaming, internet, and training. Student time is spent on projects both in lab and studio with the intention of developing career-oriented 21st century multimedia knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Not only are students given hands on opportunities but they are also taught and expected to utilize effective and professional work habits. These include but are not limited to responsibility for attendance, initiative, motivation, teamwork, communication, and respect for not only one's self but others as well. 


When: A Days 

Time: 7:45-10:20

Monday thru Friday