The Digital Imaging/Video and Motion Graphics track is an HONORS program within the MSDE Arts, Media, and Career Communication cluster. Students are challenged with academically rigorous and conceptually challenging projects combing video, special effects, photography, graphics, animation, sound, computer technology and more.


The program provides students hands-on opportunities to use a variety of professional tools and equipment with the freedom to explore their own creative visions. These tools are used throughout the multimedia industry to develop content for movies, television, design, advertising, marketing, gaming, internet, and training. Most student time is spent on projects, with the intention of developing career-oriented skills.


The Digital Imaging/Video and Motion Graphics track develops proficiency in basic design principles and tools, as well as protocols of Adobe Creative Suite’s major programs. There is a combined emphasis on acquiring hardware and software skills with an understanding of design fundamentals in contemporary digital design.


Through exploration of the rapidly growing field of digital imaging, video, animation, and motion graphics students acquire the multimedia skills most in demand for creating the visuals seen in commercials, movies, television, news broadcasts, sports broadcasts, game UIs, graphic design, the internet, and music videos.


Hands-on projects include image manipulation, photography, video editing, importing and exporting digitized video, radio production, and creating dynamic visual effects and animations. Students learn the essentials of professional digital imaging techniques and all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production. Students learn how to analyze and understand the media around them, create media in many different formats, and how to manage the business and technology requirements of working in the media industry, while developing a better understanding of computer-aided design, digital workflow, visual communication, project management, and teamwork.


Upon completion of the Digital Imaging/Video and Motion Graphics track, through an agreement with Anne Arundel Community College,  students have to the opportunity to earn three (3) college credits upon portfolio review. Students also will have the opportunity to sit for and receive industry-recognized Adobe Certified Associate certification.


The Digital Imaging/Video and Motion Graphics track prepares students for postsecondary education and entry-level positions in the field. The program provides students with the critical thinking skills necessary for becoming innovators and problem-solvers, while building skills in concept development, visual observation, personal expression, and critical thinking preparing them for professional success in the 21st century.